The Interpretation of

Chinese Ghost Tales via

Graphic Illustrations

This project aims to preserve and promote Classical Chinese Ghost Tales to contemporary society through the lens of graphic illustrations. The study begins by analysing Chinese Traditional Virtues: Ren (humanity, benevolence, 仁), Yi (righteousness, 义), Li (propriety, rites, 礼), Zhi (wisdom, knowledge,智) and Xin (trustworthiness,信) of Chinese Ghost Tales, followed by discussions on the cultural value connections with the present young generation through the lens of graphic illustrations.


Employing Interpretation Design as the research method, the research steps will include discovering cultural values, identifying folklore patterns with similar values, exploring and interpreting fresh perspectives through graphic illustrations, and collecting and analysing data. This study can serve as a cultural bridge to connect different generations to foster the bond of the past and present society, as well as to foster a sense of collective ownership of cultural and historical resources. The ultimate aim of this project is to enable the younger generations to gain insight and understanding about the values for conservation of our heritage and classical literature.


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