我叫刘喵喵Zoe,是一位生活在新加坡的自由平面设计师兼插画师,在FH设计工作室(flyhamster design) 同样有一群对设计充满热情和爱的合作人。我们擅长插画设计、平面设计、企业品牌形象设计以及创意指导。我们不只是把设计视作一份工作,我们更是致力于为我们的客户创造深厚且有意义的故事。通过每一次真挚的合作,我们会协助我们的客户通过缜密理想的设计来实现他们的商业目的。


我已经为伦敦广告节组委会、瑞士巧克力Blondel, 上海文化广场、科颜氏、惠氏,以及获得54届金马奖最佳男主角的和改编剧本奖的的电影《老兽》(原名“老混蛋”)等客户提供过设计、插画服务。您都可以在这个网站上找到大多数案例。


此外我们的风格也是需要考究具体的项目来特别制定,所以,如果您没有找到您想要的风格,只需要向我们咨询,我们会竭尽所能去帮助您。 如果您感兴趣,请即刻起就联系我们吧!



My name is Zoe Liu, a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Singapore, together with a number of passionate partners at Flyhamster Studio. We specialize in illustration, graphic design, brand identity, and creative direction. We do not see design as a job. We endeavor to be dream-makers for our clients, to create meaningful design stories. Through every earnest collaboration, we assist our clients to achieve their business goals with thoughtful ideas and designs.



I have offered my service to clients like the organization of London International Awards,  Blondel, Shanghai Culture Square, Kiehl, Wyeth, and the movie”Old Beast”, and many others. You can find them all on this website. We are not defined by any fixed style, and each of our projects is unique. If you are interested in our service, please do not hesitate to contact us!




What’s the best way to reach you?


Email or QQ usually is preferred,because the communication history will be recorded.邮件或者QQ都是被优先考虑的方式,因为有交谈记录可以作为参考依据。

How much do you charge for your design? ​


Pricing is based on the details of the design. Please email us with a short summary or introduction of your project and we will give you a quote accordingly.


What are the softwares you use?


We are proficient in Adobe Creative softwares, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. We also use Wacom Pen Tablet to help designing.

我们精于使用Adobe公司的各类创意设计软件,Photoshop, InDesign 以及Illustrartor. 我们也会使用Wacom手绘板作图辅助设计。

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